Willowpaws Persians

2017 News

July 2017

Kitten & Website Update

We have so far welcomed 9 kittens into the cattery this year. These will be appearing on our website and facebook page over the coming weeks. Our kittens can be visited from 5 weeks, and go to their new homes at 14 weeks. We never accept reservations over the telephone - kittens must be viewed in person before we allow them to be reserved. Please look at our kitten page for more details.

End of 2016


We have found a lovely new stud cat to welcome into the Willowpaws cattery - hopefully he will be out and about at some shows toward the end of 2017. Our super girl, Riascatz Georgette, was awarded Best Adult Persian at two shows in November/December, along with a Best Persian in Show, I cannot wait to see some babies from this girl in 2017.

25th June 2016

Show News

I decided at the last minute to enter Lottie (Falabella Tortie But Nice) into the East Sussex Cat Club Show - I am so pleased I did, as she not only won her class and was awarded Best of Breed, she also went on to be Best Persian Kitten, with super comments from the judges. I am so proud of this litter bundle of fluff, at just 15 weeks old, and it was lovely for her breeder to be there and see her win. Needless to say I am very excited about her future on the show bench.

10th June 2016

​New Arrival

I am very pleased and excited to announce that we have just welcome Falabella Tortie But Nice (Lottie) into the Willowpaws Family. Lottie was bred by Kate Howard (Falabella Persians) and is by her Odd-Eyed Bi Colour Gr Ch Falabella Beautiful South out of Carinos Morning Glory. 

28th May 2016

New Arrivals

We are very excited to announce that we have a new litter born from our foundation queen, Woosy Amour Ami - Grand Champion Sachabreen Gino Ginelli is the sire to this litter. We had 5 beauitful kittens arrive in the early hours of the morning - 3 boys and 2 girls. They are all so striking it will be very hard deciding which ones to hold onto to show.

1​2th April 2016

New Arrivals

We are very excited to announce that we have two new litters born within hours of each other - Grand Champion Sachabreen Gino Ginelli is the sire to both litters. Berikatz Willow The Wisp had 5 beautiful kittens, whilst Berikatz Willows Cameo had 3 little bundles of joy. Pictures are now on our kitten page.

9th April 2016

Show News

Grand Champion I-Catchers Hercules won his first Imperial Grand Champion certificate at the Essex Cat Club show

19th March 2016

Show News

Riascatz Georgette added two more CCs to her tally at the London CC and Surrey and Sussex CA joint show, making her Champion Riascatz Georgette

19th December 2015​

Show News

Riascatz Georgette won her first CC at the Maidstone and Medway Cat Club Show

​​15th August 2015

​New Arrival

We are very excited to announce that we now are the proud owners of Riascatz Athena (CFA Ch Fahlberg Blue Diamond of Riascatz x PL*Jantar Jumana of Riascatz) a super little Silver Tabby and white girl. Thank you Marie for another superb baby!

6th August 2015

New Arrival

I am over the moon to announce that a very special lady has come to live with us - Riascatz Georgette (CFA Ch, TICA RW SGC Fahlberg Blue Diamond of Riascatz x Cuba Libre's Ain't She Sweet) I cannot wait to get her on the show bench! Thank you Marie for this dream girl!

25th July 2015

Show News

Grand Champion I-Catchers Hercules won another two Grand Champion certificates at the Humerbside Cat Club and Lincolnshire Cat Club joint show. 

11th July 2015

Show News

Grand Champion I-Catchers Hercules attained the title of Grand Champion at the Eastern Counties Cat Club and Kensington Cat Club joint show. He has achieved this in 6 straight shows, so we are very proud of him.  

30th May 2015 

Show News

Champion I-Catchers Hercules attended a CFA show in the UK, performing well in all his rings. He made two finals and was 9th Best All Breed under Michael Schlessner and a 10th in long hair final  under Russell Webb. He is now a CFA Champion as well as a GCCF Champion. 

​16th May 2015

Show News

Champion I-Catchers Hercules gained his first Grand Champion Certificate at the Suffolk and Norfolk Cat Club show. He also had a Red Card Day.

25th April 2015

Show News

I-Catchers Hercules gained two more Champion Certificate, making him a GCCF Champion.

11th April 2015

Show News

I-Catchers Hercules attended his first UK show as an Adult. He won his open class and collected his first Champion Certificate. Several judges took the time to come and speak to me during the day and compliment him on his type and temperament.  

28th February 2015

Show News

I-Catchers Hercules attended his first UK show. He won both his open classes and received Best of Breed awards, with some very complimentary praise from his judges. He had totally unflappable confidence, and was more than happy to show off to everyone that paid him any attention. 

5th November 2014

New Stud Boy

We have some exciting news - our new stud boy (hopefully) has arrived from Atlanta, Georgia (USA). I-Catchers Hercules was bred by Jane Lamas at I-Catchers Persians, and is a gorgeous solid blue boy. I am very excited about his future on the show bench, and so indebted to Jane for allowing me to have such a superb boy.

2nd November 2014

Show Results

We took Sachabreen Gino Ginelli and Willowpaws Valegro to the Red, Cream & Tortie club show on the 2nd November. This is one of my favourite shows, such a friendly atmosphere and some beautiful cats. Gino was awarded his 3rd GCC and so is now Grand Champion Sachabreen Gino Ginelli. Willowpaws Valegro was 2nd in her breed class, and won a "Judges Choice" award.

12th October 2014

New Arrivals

We had some new arrivals on Sunday morning; Berikatz Willows Cameo (Coco) gave birth to two little blue and white bi-colour kittens. Father is Champion Sachabreen Gino Ginelli. Pictures now uploaded to the 'Kittens' page.