Willowpaws Persians


Lucky was entrusted to me by Sandra Daniel (Lovebound Persians). We are so excited about Lucky joining us - he has a superb pedigree, with strong BE/Odd Eye genes, taking us one step closer to producing the holy-grail Blue Eye Bi-Colours. 

Grand Champion       I-Catchers Hercules


Hercules has an outstanding international pedigree, featuring some of the best catteries from all over the world. I was very lucky to be trusted with him by his breeder, Jane Lamas (I-Catchers Persians) and I hope we will do you proud. 

Grand Champion Sachabreen Gino Ginelli

Blue & White BiColour

This stunning boy was entrusted to us by Ali Carter of Sachabreen, and I will be eternally grateful to her for believing in me. Gino started 2014 with a bang, gaining 3 CCs and attaining Champion status back to back in three shows. He has now gone through and gained 3 Grand Champion certificates back to back also!

Please Note...

I run a closed stud, and my boys are only used on my own girls.

Lovebound Lucky Strike

Black and White Bi-Colour

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