Willowpaws Persians

Grand Champion Riascatz Georgette

Blue and White

 I was shocked to be entrusted with this rather special lady by the infamous Marie Hill of Riascatz Persians. I can never thank her enough for her friendship and guidance. Georgette is a very special lady and I really look forward to continuing to show her - hopefully she will also produce some lovely kittens to continue Marie's legacy in the future.

Riascatz Athena

Silver Tabby and White

This beautiful lady is a strong BE/Odd Eye Carrier so fingers crossed one day we may have some rather special babies.


Falabella Tortie But Nice

Tortie and White

 "Lottie" is another strong BE/Odd Eye Carrier. She was awarded Best Persian Kitten at her first ever show, aged just 15 weeks. A very sweet girl that I look forward to kittens from.

Woosy Amour Ami

Blue Tortie & White

This gorgeous girl is the foundation of our Willowpaws lines, and was bred by Hilda and Fiona Thomson in Aberdeen.  A definite character, she likes nothing more than playing with cardboard boxes. Some very impressive breeding including Oililly and Byhishands.

The Queens of Willowpaws